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Over 20 Years Experience With Roanoke, Texas Traffic Tickets!

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over 20 years experience with roanoke>
Can I represent myself in Court?

Yes you may represent yourself in Court.  The benefit of hiring our office is that if retained to plea your case we will appear on your behalf.  This will save you from having to take time off or work.  Our  Law Firm has over 20 years of experience representing Clients in the Roanoke Municipal Court and knows how the Court system works.

Do I have to come into your office?

It is not required that you come to our office to retain our services.  We can take all of your information over the telephone during our office hours.  We are open Monday-Friday from 8:30 am - 4:30 pm. 

What HAPPENS if I hire YOU to PLEA my case?

A Lawyer from our firm will appear in the Roanoke Municipal Court on your behalf work to plea your case to the best possible outcome. It is our goal is to keep the ticket from affecting your driving record.  Having too many convictions on your driving record  may cause your insurance premiums may go up, possible driver’s license suspension or state surcharges being assessed against you. After appearing in court, our office will notify you via US mail with the outcome of your case.  

Do I have to appear in Court?

The Roanoke Municipal Court does not typically require Defendants who are represented by an Attorney to appear in Court.  If, by chance, there are special circumstances regarding your case the Judge will decide if you are required to appear with Counsel.

If you are setting your case for a TRIAL you would be required to appear as your own witness. 

what else do I have to pay?

At the time this page was written the Roanoke Municipal Court has a $125 Deferred Adjudication (probation) fee on most cases for Defendant’s who retain Attorneys.  This fee can go up or down depending on your specific case.  If you are not granted Deferred Adjudication your Court fees will vary.

Will this ticket go on my driving record?

Our main goal to keep your Roanoke ticket from affecting your driving record.  When defendants who are granted Deferred Adjudication (probation) comply with all the conditions of your probation their ticket is not reported to the Texas Department of Public Safety (Texas DPS).

If I let my insurance lapse, can you help me?

Current Texas State Law requires all drivers to maintain minimum liability insurance for their vehicle.  If convicted, “no insurance“ tickets may lead to State Surcharges. It is rare that  “no insurance” tickets are dismissed without proof for the date and time of violation.  Not having insurance at the time of your offense does not mean an automatic conviction, we may still be able to keep the violation off your driving record.  If you provide our office with proof of your renewed policy documentation we will present it to the Court on your behalf and work out a plea deal.

How will you notify me of the outcome?

Our office will mail you a letter to the address you provide with the outcome of your case. The letter will include any special requirements and due dates for any fines due. Our office is open Monday-Friday from 8:30-4:30 to answer any questions about the letter sent to you.  It is always best to call with the letter in hand so that we may best assist you.

Can my warrant be lifted?

The Roanoke Municipal Court issues warrants and “Failure to Appear” violations on past due ticket. As long as you have not entered into a plea agreement or payment plan with the court we can post bonds to lift your warrants. The Roanoke Municipal Court requires your original signature on the Appearance Bond.  You can elect to either come into our office to sign the Appearance Bond, or we can mail you a copy to sign.  If we mail you the Appearance Bond, you must return it to our office immediately.  The Court will not lift you warrants until the Judge approves the Appearance Bond. Once the warrant has been lifted a Court date will be set and an Attorney from our firm will appear on your behalf.

How long will it take to lift my warrant?

We will begin working on your case as soon as our office is retained.  The Roanoke Municipal Court requires your original signature on the Appearance Bond.  You can either have us mail you the Appearance Bond and mail it back to us, or come in to our office and sign the required bond in person.  The Court will not lift your warrant until the Judge approved the Appearance Bond.

Will I have to take a Driving Safety Course?

Texas State Law requires any driver under the age of 25 to complete a Texas State approved driving safety course as a condition of Deferred Adjudication (probation).  The Court may require a driving to complete a Driving Safety Course if there are special circumstances to your case.  This may includes, but not be limited to, speeding excessively, too may tickets on your driving record, or being involved in an accident.  After we appear in court on your behalf, we will mail you a letter that will include any special requirements of your specific case. ​

frequently asked questions

The questions below are the ones our office hears the most often from clients with Roanoke, Texas traffic tickets. It is not intended to be a list of every possible question and answer, but the attorneys at Jack Byno & Associates are open to suggestions. If you have a question that is not listed please complete our Traffic Ticket Contact Form and we will be happy to respond back to you as promptly as possible.

Please note, we are open Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 4:40 pm (excluding holidays). Our phones are answered 24/7 for bail bonds and jail release.